What makes us data players?

DATAPLAYER, visualisation & reporting platform.
We can collect data from any source regardless of its shape or size, transform it into a flawless form and make it logically work. We play with your data, to help you see the big picture, loud and clear.

We raised the bar

The core fundamental philosophy of measuring is its proprietary analysis concept called NTM, which consists of three main dimensions:

Numbers, Time, and Money.

Many enterprises base their analysis on the numbers they have achieved, mistaking it for the actual result. But this is not fully accurate because they need to calculate the time and the money they have spent to achieve those numbers, and understand what actually gets converted and what’s its return.

The numbers show just a part of the story - often not the most significant one - but for the big picture they need to have the full background. That means they need to make the correlation between the work and the efforts they have put, and the output they are getting.


Clinics and the healthcare industry have encountered major policy and business model changes over the years. Most importantly, the power behind tracking the right key performance indicators and properly using data has become more apparent.

And this is where your data connoisseur, Dataplayer, can step in to help in an easy, affordable, and accessible way.

Our platform is part of the Clinico connected apps, as a practice add on. With an ever-growing track record of experience and satisfied clients, we understand what your clinic might need to measure, and how to properly track progress and targets.

Would you like to have a talk about how we can help you further? Leave us a message here and we’ll reach out asap! Dataplayer understands the value of your time and urgency as well.

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Look back at the time you had to go to that family dinner, and the hosts just shared a list of the things they needed. How many people ended up bringing a bottle of wine? Now imagine if everyone had a dedicated task, wouldn’t it make it easier?

DataPlayer works just like this – feeding insights to who you want, through the channel they refer, on the data they need. So your team and your management, are only notified on the things that matter to (and that they’ll take action on), with the rest seamlessly delegated to departments and onwards, onto tools.

Some would call it transformative, we just call it common sense.



Your trial journey lasts 1 week. We offer a free setup process where we can personalise your account with requested reports and graphs (which usually takes about 2 days). The other 5 days you can use dataplayer to your liking for free and see how it fits your needs.

No, there isn't any contractual time restriction, we want you to be happy with our product and service. However, we are keen on establishing a long term relationship, so we can assist our clients better.

Dataplayer is quite committed to protecting the privacy of your data, which is why we establish open and trustworthy communication with each client. In regards to the GDPR regulations, there are a few topics we take into consideration to ensure complete privacy and transparency: Firstly, your data centre will be located where you are based, so it can respect its local regulations. We don’t process personal information, and we don't access more data than what your data source (or CliniKo account) offers us. You can choose the data that you want to display and remove a report the moment you want to. And of course, if you delete your account, all the data in it gets deleted as well. However, if you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to us!

Since each business is different, their unique needs on things such as data insights, features, user permission options etc might vary as well. We have set a base affordable pricing option that covers some services, but everything in it can be tailored. Reach out to us in order to establish something more personalised for your needs.

No, Dataplayer can gather information from different data sources. Cliniko is just one of the apps we are connected to.

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